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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  October 9, 2009 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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away because of construction so use caution. megan, back to you. if you work for the city, you have the day off if you like it or not thanks to furloughs. linda so has what you need to know when you are headed out this morning. good morning. >> reporter: if you have business to get done in the city today, you'll want to listen up. almost all city buildings and the services they provide will be closed, including city hall. today is the first of five mandatory furlough days for baltimore. a sign on 83 has been reminding drivers all week, all city services will be closed except for police, fire, emergency responders, as well as trash and recycling collection. city buildings and customer service agencies will not be open. the furlough is all part of a plan to close a $55 million budget gap. mayor dixon says it's necessary to avoid laying off 400 workers. >> it's really a matter of cutting back and adjusting budgets while we ride through this. hopefully it will be ending
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sooner than later, you know? it doesn't look like we'll be out of the water any time soon. >> reporter: there will be four other furlough days. they happen the day after thanksgiving, christmas eve, the martin luther king, jr. holiday next january and memorial day weekend next may. again, all city buildings and services they provide will be closed for furlough today. that means you will not be able to pay a ticket or a bill in person. we're live in downtown baltimore, linda so, abc 2 news. new at 5:00 on this friday morning, police tell our overnight photographer pete on the street two people are recovering after being shot in randallstown. sources say the shots were fired in the parking lot of checkers just before midnight. right now, police do not have a motive or a suspect. no word on the victims' conditions. we hear about it all too often, shootings in baltimore. this morning, our community is remembering a promising young man whose life was taken away too soon. sherrie johnson has more on
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this story. sherrie? >> reporter: yes, the threat to children is one that's growing fast and taking young lives. bullets took the life of 17- year-old darius anderson last friday in west baltimore. last night, a huge crowd gathered not only to celebrate his life but also cry out against the culture that's taken the life of too many young, black men. >> i mean, my son was on his way going somewhere. it's not like he was out here doing something wrong. somebody took my son from me for nothing. >> our mothers are tired of crying for our children. i've been pastor of my church for two years, and i've gone to 19 funerals. i'm tired of burying our young, black men. >> last night's vigil was held at the same corner darius was killed. live in the studio, sherrie
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johnson, abc 2 news. a baltimore city grand jury has indicted two teenagers in the shooting and attempted robbery of an offduty police officer. 16-year-old craig tillett, jr. and tavon wilson are charged. they tried to rob detective aaron harris outside of his home last month. harris is still in critical condition in shock trauma. council woman helen holton will go on trial december 7. a judge threw out trying to dismiss charges against her. she is charged with paying for political polls that exceeded the campaign contribution limits. now the latest on the h1n1 flu. all school aged children are in the targeted population for the flu vaccine, but this week, an associated press poll found that 38% of parents are unlikely to give permission for their kids to be vaccinated at school. there have been no reports of side effects from the vaccine,
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but many parents are still not convinced. an a.p. poll showed that 72% of parents are worried about side effects. state health officials are hoping to dispel the myth. >> it is produced precisely the same wait seasonal flu vaccine is. it should be no concern that this is somehow a new vaccine. >> the preservative is used during the production and it contains mercury. it's being phased out of most vaccine production because, of course, of safety concerns. next week, we want you to join us on this very topic. we're talking about h1n1, a day of answers. so tuesday, october 13th, mark your calendar from 6:00 in the morning until 7:00 in the evening, we'll have a panel of experts, doctors, state officials all ready to answer your questions about h1n1, the virus, the vaccine, anything you want to know.
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that's all day on tuesday, october 13th. stay with us for more details in the coming days. between the junk mail and new credit card offers and personal financial information, papers can pile up very, very quickly, however, documents that you thought were private we found in one bank's dumpster. the story's going to make you mad. abc 2 news investigators make the unsettling find. plus, lawmakers break the status quo in texas. the newest person to sit on the bench in the state's highest court. before we go to break, we'll send it over to justin. he's keeping an eye on the weather. we've got rain on maryland's most powerful doppler radar. be careful on the roads, and we'll see if we can get that rain out of here and wind up with a decent day. right now, let's see what's happening at the mta. here's mark jones. >> good morning. light rail is running ten
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minutes late between camden yards and penn station. on the buses, wet roadways are slowing things up. do allow extra time if you travel. on the bus system, 17 diverted at corporate drive and international. the metro and m.a.r.c. train services look good for travel. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones ♪
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it's maryland's most powerful doppler radar. it's so powerful it goes out of the state line. it's going to be a slow one heading from elkton through newark and wilmington. heading over towards lancaster. still wet weather back towards mount airy. we've got temperatures officially 59 now in baltimore. the very early rain gets out of here probably in the next two hours or less. 79 this afternoon with a small chance of showers returning. it's 5:09 now. let's see when's happening on the roads with kim. >> reporter: thank you, justin. you can see here at liberty road as you make your way towards the route 70 interchange, you don't have any incidents working, but we are dealing with a crash at east 38
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street and green mont avenue. i'm getting word of a crash at 195. possibly involving multiple vehicles. the left lane continues to be taken away, so again, use caution. megan, back to you. millions of people hear from his voice every day across the country, but tom joyner wants one governor to really listen to him. find out why this ocean is pink. it's not the reason you might assume . we'll explain coming up. es when he was about 16. and i was mighty glad of that when i met him when he was 18. and he was a natty dresser. so 45 years later, we're still dancing.
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all right. we've got breaking news to tell you about this morning. we just learned the laurel known the committee says president barack obama has won the 2009 nobel peace prize. they say thinks extraordinary efforts of cooperation between people is one that merits the prize. so congratulations to our president, he is the 2009 nobel peace prize winner. this next story will make you angry. you trust your bank after all you are willing to give them your money and personal information. the m & t bank branch in rodgers forge is not exactly earning everyone's trust. as joce sterman discovered, some documents with your personal information are not properly being disposed of. instead, they are just getting dumped. >> reporter: it's the little machine experts say you have to have to keep your personal
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information safep. banks are supposed to use the same technology to protect you. >> we're closing the account. >> reporter: we found one bank didn't send it through the shredder, they simply tossed it. >> that's outrageous! a dumpster? not shredded? >> reporter: sandy and ray watts are angry. we got our hands on their social security numbers, bank account info, and even know their mother's maiden names. we got it all thanks to their bank. >> we get letters from them that they are protecting our identity and this and that and then they do this. >> reporter: what they did was dumped their documents and dozens of others without shredding them. we found them in this bright red dumpster outside the m & t. >> this is the checking account that they just wrote here. here are the social security numbers. >> reporter: we sifted through
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the trash and found page after page of people who bank there and how much dough they have. one customer claims they'd already done it to janet. we found a letter she wrote describing how someone used her atm card to steal hundreds of dollars. the bank threw it in the trash and even a copy of her driver's license. what do you think when you see this? >> i don't understand this. they have shredders so i don't know what to say. >> reporter: you are supposed to use the shredders and other tools to dispose of any sensitive information. it's part of a federal guideline this bank didn't follow putting customers and all of this paperwork in danger. >> you don't know who else may have seen this information as well. you clearly have seen it. there may have been other parties that have seen it as well and recorded the information off those documents. >> reporter: that's why the security officers say this sensitive information should be
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protected and kept out of the hands of anyone who doesn't need to see it. it's standard policy. even that policy got trashed in that bank's transition. >> here is an important privacy notice. >> reporter: the customer privacy that for some was not protected when m & t took over. the bank says it's clear some material was mishandled. they call it a clear violation of the policies. m & t claims most of our trash picking turned up old stuff that poses no risk but the bank notified state and federal regulators about what we found and gave new account numbers to 52 customers. >> we're just lucky you found them and not other people. >> reporter: people who know that when a bank dumps its trash, your trust could go with it. >> unbelievable! >> scary stuff. m & t says they are doing extensive investigations about this but believe this is a case of human error. by the way, the documents we picked up as part of our investigation are being
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shredded. justin? all right. 5:16. we look back in time to yesterday's 68 degrees. we spent a lot of days this week in the 60s. we'll make up for it. in fact, it is a possibility that somebody in maryland hits 80 today. 80. how about that? all right. we go on this ninth day of october. normally 46 in the morning. it's 70 in the afternoon. record 2001. we set it for the second day in a row. 28 degrees the first below freezing mark we have on the calendar. 94 degrees just two years ago. we had a heat wave back in 2007. just two years ago in the 90s. how about that? with sunrise coming up at 7:11, we're already acting up well above normal. we've got a lot of clouds around. we have to push in warm air. we have to deal with this band of rain fighting through northern part of maryland right
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now. anne arundel county southbound is dry and you may even see the sunrise. we'll lift this cloud band to the north. it may even turn sunny in spots around the chesapeake bay. we have a warm flow of air out of this frontal boundary. the thing is, this particular band of rain is actually falling apart. the storm's reaching its peak and check out our forecast model here. as we are watching this band of rain back to our west and maybe an isolated evening shower. as we cloud back up and overnight, the frontal boundary tries to sneak back in here. we're to look like it would be a really, wet morning on saturday. it may turn out to be an improvement. that would be great news at the runners with the marathon in town because we're expecting to have rain earlier on. if we can get that out of here, the only thing we'll have to deal with gusty winds picking up. that's not good for runners but the end of the weekend, partly
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cloudy skies. for today, the forecast high is 79 degrees, but that gives us the range of 81 on the high end. we're looking forward to late day showers as we're back down to 62 degrees. let's see what's happening on the roads with kim brown. >> reporter: traffic is beginning to build some but still managing to travel at speed. no real delays or incidents on 695 to let you know about still. in baltimore city, we continue to work that crash at east 38th street and green mount avenue. there is a crash that take as way the left lane at 195. that was a construction zone so you might want to keep to the right or try using 95 as an ultimate. megan, back to you. nationally syndicated talk show host tom joyner just learned a lot about his family history. it's so important he says he has to sit down with governor mark sanford next week. >> my uncles were wrongly convicted and sentenced to die for a murder of an old, drunk
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confederate soldier in south carolina. he blamed it on my two great- uncles because they were the richest n-words in the area. >> joyner hired attorneys in hopes of getting his uncles pardoned of this crime. so on wednesday, october 14th, joyner is going before the pardon and parole board in south carolina in hopes of getting his uncles pardoned at least posthumously, which sanford would have to approve if that will happen. yesterday, governor rick perry announced that justice eva gomez will take the bench. it was profound because she was named the library of the austin high school where she graduated. she was named latina judge of the year by the hispanic national bar association earlier this year. you have to check this
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out. this waterway? one might assume it's pink for the fight against breast cancer, but that has nothing to do with it. you can see it's pink with a close look. scientists in san diego dumped a nontoxic dye into the beach to learn about how pollution spreads. they are trying to understand how fast and how far sewage spreads along california's coast. >> i had breast cancer 12 years ago, and i don't know why i'm here and other people aren't. >> all right. that was bonnie brown, a breast cancer survivor. she created making strides with artsy undies. you can see some of them right there. it is a fund-raiser for breast cancer. at her shop, more than 50 artists have decorated bras and underwear to display in the cafe for the month of october.
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each pay just $15 for an entry fee and then the money all goes towards breast cancer awareness as well as research. so it looks like it's fun stuff to look at when you are having a cup of coffee. remember, abc 2 news is a very proud sponsor of race for the cure. it is coming up next weekend on the 18th. you can head to to our think pink page to learn how the city and state are supporting breast cancer awareness and how you can help. this isn't the only marathon event going on the calendar this month. another one is happening in the city and it starts tomorrow. we have the details just ahead. ♪ take me home ♪ take me home ♪ to my family
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all right. 5:24. we've got rain views this morning. it's cloud "on the north side. even clipping just on the north side of i-70 in howard county. this afternoon, we turn partly cloudy. overnight through early saturday morning. we try to turn this out for the baltimore festival. we're looking for the breeze to kick off. it's cooler at 69. much cooler next week with rain returning next tuesday. meggen? for today's tech tip, let's head up to new york with jeremy hubbard. >> reporter: in today's tech bytes, microsoft will offer a free version of office when it launches next year. the scaled down office starter will be preloaded on new pc's
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and include word and excel. it will be to create, edit and view documents with limited features. starter can be upgraded to a full version of oftion. microsoft is also pushing to become a bigger player in the cell phone business. new windows mobile software was released this week. the htc pure uses the softer with. ed baig tested it out. >> they added an app store, but i still found windows mobile cumbersome to use and this particular device even has a stylus. seems like something out of five years ago or more. when it comes to the windows mobile 6.5, i take a pass. >> you can read ed's full review on project run way will soon be strutting its stuff on
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nintendo wii. gamers can show case the virtual fashions while walking down a cat walk using the wii balance board. we learned earl whyer this week that thousands of e-mail accounts were hacked and thousands of passwords posted on the web. and many people don't get creative when picking a password. the most popular password was 123456 and several others were names. security experts recommend longer passwords that mix upper and lower case letters with numbers. log on to the technology page of those are your tech bytes. i'm jeremy hubbard.
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